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Fresh Tea Marine Collagen + Shrooms by X50


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Choose you and make every sip count with Fresh Tea, an incredible beauty blend of nature's best superfoods. Deep Sea Atlantic Marine Collagen supplies protein to skin, hair, and nails. Chaga and Lion's Mane Mushrooms help improve gut microbiota, boosting beneficial bacteria, digestion and absorption of nutrients. Let's not stop here, Curcumin and Chaga provide antioxidants and help reduce inflammation, while Broccoli Sprouts support digestion and cleanse.

Fresh Tea can be consumed any time of the day to get your glow on! We recommend mixing one sachet in 400mL-600mL of chilled water. You can even mix with coconut water, sparkling mineral water, or in smoothies. We recommend two serves of Fresh Tea per day to reap the benefits!

FLAVOUR: Forest Berries


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