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Mutant Mass XXXtreme

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Mutant Mass XXXtreme was made for extreme hard gainers looking to add serious MASS! The formula is extremely high in calories for weight gain with a massive 1270 calories per serving (4 scoops). 
Made with natural wholefoods as the focus, Mutant Mass XXXtreme contains barley, sweet potato, rolled oats, avocado, coconut oil and pumpkin seeds. Each serving fuels your body with 46g of pure whey protein, 255g of carbohydrates, 7.5g of fat per servings (4 scoops) mixed with two cups of 1% milk. Naturally high in BCAAs, EAAs, Glutamine and other amino acids needed to support muscle growth from hard training. 

Mutant Madness XXXtreme Nutritional Panel