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Superior Whey Protein by International Protein

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This product from International Protein is a high protein, low fat supplement containing "bio-active" peptides for muscle growth. With its ultra fast absorption rate and muscle recovery properties it makes for an adaptable product.

This product has natural immune fractions, anti-oxidants and growth factors alongside naturally fermented L-Glutamine for recovery and immunity.

It's sweetened with sucralose for an enjoyable taste with highquality proteins for effective digestion.

Whether it’s competitive bodybuilders, Olympic sprinters, triathletes, strongman competitors, professional fighters or extreme sports daredevils the fact remains that some of the elite of the elite in human performance are utilising the International Protein range of products.

The company owners have competed and become champions in their chosen fields so you know that the development of their product is overlooked by knowledge and experience. Nutrition and performance is what they know and it's what they do.


Take 1 heaped scoop after exercise or during the day in 200-300ml of water or milk.

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