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Dreamy Jelly by Botanika Blends

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Desserts backwards is STRESSED and who wants to feel that? Dreamy Jelly is a vegan jelly (no gelatin) that is designed to help you feel calm, cool and collected. This grape bubblegum flavour is a delicious way to wind down - naturally!

So what's important about our calming jelly formula? Botanika Blends added some incredibly powerful amino acids such as tryptophan. This is a cane sugar free, all natural treat, intended to be consumed before bed for quality sleep, enhancement of mood and relaxation. Bontanika Blends also added magnesium. In true Botanika Blends fashion, this jelly is GOOD FOR YOUR BELLY with added digestive enzymes and probiotics. No need to feel guilty about a late night treat.. have DREAMY JELLY for a good nights sleep.



Mix 10G (2 Teaspoons) In 180ML Hot Water. Stir Until Well Dissolved. Microwave For 40 Seconds, Let Cool & Set In The Fridge Until Firm (Minimum 3 Hours) & Serve Cold