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Say Hello to Healthy Lifestyle & Bid Adieu to Bad Eating Habits

Say Hello to Healthy Lifestyle & Bid Adieu to Bad Eating Habits

The sole basis of being healthy is not physical fitness; healthy living and healthy being also includes your mental and emotional fitness. Healthy being should be a lifestyle and not a choice. A healthy lifestyle can help you face and prevent a lot of diseases which can be chronic and also help prevent long-term illnesses. Taking good care of your mental and physical state and feeling good about yourself is important for your self esteem and your self-image. Knowing what is right for your body and doing it will help you achieve a healthy living.

Here I have shared some tips with you if you want to choose a healthy living, and become an all rounded healthy individual. These tips will help you achieve just that:

1. Exercising Regularly

Exercising regularly does not mean you have force your body to work intensely in the gym, it is just an effort that you have to make to keep your body active at all times. For this you can do any easy floor exercise that you are comfortable with, or even doing household chores will help you achieve this. Allow your body to do what it feels like, and keeping it active should be a conscious part of it.

Continuous exercise and making it a part of your daily routine is important, it also impacts your mental health. A daily 20-30 minutes of exercise and doing it 3-5 times a week on an average shall bring a great amount of positive change in your lifestyle. Making sure you do enough physical activity each day and keeping a check on it is also important for your healthy success.

2. Be mindful of your diet

Eating healthy has always been vital for living a healthy life. You need to be conscious of what to take in, as it reflects on your body greatly for its functioning. Adding more vegetables and fruits in your diet and keeping low carbs, and unhealthy fat and high sodium, will help you reach a healthy goal. Avoid eating food with high sugar content and saturated fats (high level found in junk foods) is also a great step towards your healthy lifestyle.

Some of you might try to skip meals, as a mean of ‘dieting’, but that only makes things worse of your body, as it is not getting the essential nutrients and vitamins it need for functioning for the whole day, rather it gets deprived of vitamins, and your body becomes more prone to illness and diseases in the long-run. You should always keep a check on your calories intake, and to burn more calories than you intake to keep your body healthy.

3. Follow your passion

You must have heard this phrase a lot of time in your lifetime, but it is very important, and you should pay attention to it. In this stressful world that we are living in right now, our body is greatly affected, and our health is rotting everyday because of this, but if you keep your passion alive everyday your body and soul gets rejuvenated and the energy flow increases that helps your body not only emotionally but also physically you stay healthy and positive.

4. Create positive energy around you

Positive energy around you helps your mental and emotional state to be at peace. Although in daily life we come across a lot of problems, but keeping yourself in a state of positivity will help your body (both physically and emotionally) to operate in a peaceful manner, and also would help avoid the risk of illness and depression that might be faced as a consequence of stress. Keep yourself in the company of friends, and people who bring in constructive criticism in your live for your improvement.

Being optimistic and looking for the brighter side of life even when the situations around you might seems challenging, will not only make you stronger, but will also help to channelize your mind in the right direction, and help you stay health at all times. There is always a silver lining in everything, and if you make it a habit to look for it, your life would be in a better place, and a healthy mind, leads to a healthy life.

It is not a difficult task to maintain a healthy life, and it also does not require a lot of work for you. Keep doing all you have been doing, and apply the aforementioned tips and it shall bring great positivity and healthy living for your healthy life and you will become a well-rounded individual in no time.

A lot of research has shown strengthening exercise your peripheral neuropathy help improving the muscle strength in people who have PN. In addition to this, when regular exercise are done to strengthen your peripheral neuropathy, it may help in reducing neuropathic pain, and also is proven to control and regulate blood sugar levels. There are further four kinds of physical routine that help in the strengthening exercises. These are:

 Aerobic Exercise
 Flexibility Exercise
 Strength Training Exercise
 Balance Exercise

5. Aerobic Exercise

This exercise help increasing your heart rate, and raises your breathing rate, and increase muscle work. Doing this exercise for 30 minutes a day can help achieve great muscle strength.

Some examples for aerobic exercise that you may choose are:
 Taking a brisk walk daily (either doing it outside or inside using a treadmill)
 Taking an aerobic class
 Swimming or doing water aerobic exercises
 Working out on a stationary bicycle

6. Flexibility Exercises

These exercises commonly termed as stretching, help to keep your joint flexible, and help reducing your chances of injury performing other activities. Doing regular stretching for 5 to 10 minutes daily helps to warm up your body and makes your body ready for aerobic exercises like swimming or walking. Stretching helps you reduce to risk of cramps in your muscles (caused by muscles break).

7. Strength Training

This training helps you to build your muscle strength by making it stronger and more resistant to injury. In case of loss strength in your muscles, it can also help to regain it through constant routines of training.

8. Balance

If you are facing joint pain, dizziness, or weakness, then keeping your balance system in a healthy state is very important. This training can help you get back to normal, and regain your perfect body posture, also overcoming the feeling of unsteadiness and stiffness in your body. Balance training is more relevant for the elderly people, as older muscles are smaller and are slower and less responsive when you require bracing yourself, making your body more prone to falls.

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