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Healthy Eating Helps Lose Tough Belly Fat

Healthy Eating Helps Lose Tough Belly Fat

One of the most common mistakes that people make while losing weight is focussing too much on dieting. Often unnecessary cutting foods out of their diets, becoming paranoid on counting calories each time that they take a bite and even exercising much more than required to get fit. This may work for a week or so but soon this regime will tire you out and demotivate you throwing everything off-track.

The key lies in balancing the activities with the right intake of food for the body to respond to the change correctly. When you cut down the food, the body goes in a state of shock where the only signal the brain receives is to store as much as possible with a minimum amount of food you take. That means that your body becomes more receptive to the little food you intake and start storing it in the body. This is a wrong signal and instead of losing weight, initially, you will put on and slowly you may lose but this is highly unhealthy which late on leads to various kinds of problems including loose skin.

Are you starving yourself? Oh my-my!

The rules of healthy eating are simple and there is not much problem if you follow the regime and eat. Starving is never going to benefit and instead of losing fat, one starts losing essential muscle weight. Your body instead of toning and shaping up becomes weaker and flabby in appearance.

Who likes a flabby body? It makes one feel like a living jelly!

If you want to lose weight the right way then stay patient and do not take extreme steps. Strategize, plan and get the right knowledge about nutrients and supplements so that your body can cure itself along the way of your weight loss program. Health and fitness takes time and there is no shortcut to losing that tough belly fat. Steps to follow:

1. Food in proportions:

It is necessary that you eat food in proportions. Do not fill yourself up all at once as that is going to make you lazy. Has it ever happened with you that you eat until you are full and you plan to go and hit the gym at the set time but instead you are sleepy? Guess what! It is because you ate in the wrong way. Eating until full is bad. You should always eat 3/4th of the proportion as a little room for hunger keeps one active. You will not be sleepy and will be able to better perform the exercise routines than before. Choose your food correctly and cut the processed foods as it leads to weight gain.

2. Plan the exercise routine:

Now that you know that eating in proportion is necessary, the next step is planning the exercise routine. Get in touch with a trainer and get the proper guidance. Watching DVDs or videos online will not help you to understand the right technique. Exercise is not only about sweating and cardio. There is much more to it! Exercising with technique is what helps in cutting the tough belly fat. Each body is different and so will be the recommended exercises. According to the problems that you are facing and the shape of the body that you have, a trainer can well guide you with the routines that will benefit you in the best way possible. Do not be shy! When you have decided to overcome the fear, face everything with valour and courage. Your destination is about to come.

3. Go for walks for mental peace

It is common that during a few initial days you might feel unhappy. Nobody likes change and there is going to be a lot of pain when you first start the exercise. There will be body aches, loss of motivation and sometimes you may even get frustrated to quit everything at once. To keep going is essential and that takes a little bit of hard work. When you feel that you have touched the brink and there is no more going further that is when you should shut every though and just take a walk. It helps more than you might think. A peaceful walk alone, enjoying the colours of nature or sitting by a water fountain speaks in volumes than a friend or a relative can. A peaceful walk helps enrich the soul by fighting the inner thoughts and finding answers on our own. A great way of mediation!

4. Stay focussed but do not go crazy!

Do not go too much into the details when it comes to counting calories. It is a good habit to know how much you ate and how much you should be burning calories in the gym but to go crazy is going to ruin you. There is nothing wrong in eating that banana split or a doubles cheese crust pizza once in a while. It is not going to throw you off-track or ruins your body. Reward yourself from time to time with tasty treats and do not forget the important key to staying fit and that is eating in right proportions. Choose healthy supplements to go with binge eating. For example when you have too much of sugary foods, drink a cup of Green Tea x50 to help you get rid of the toxins and cleanse the body.

Straighten your backs, pull up your socks and get ready to work hard!

90 percent of weight loss is the way you choose your food and rest 10 percent is your exercise regime. If you miss the line between the two, it will hinder your growth and can prove ineffective in cutting that tough belly fat. Choose the right products and dietary supplements. Only look for stores or online markets where they are certified dealers. Products like fat burners, protein powders, supplements etc. should be carefully chosen before you decide to use.

Do not be a prisoner in your body! Make amends and choose the right lifestyle. Fitness is important than the looks. Focus on being fit and everything else will follow just fine.

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