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Confused Whether Whey Protein is Good or Bad?

Confused Whether Whey Protein is Good or Bad?

Whey protein is a debatable topic with as many altercations as there are people talking about it. Some people link it with bad health effects where they believe that whey protein powders are synthetically processed and can cause deadly diseases like cancer. It turns out into an unruly fiasco when those who are in favour of whey protein try to make it a point and show a good side of it. Have you experienced that situation? Well, there is more to it!

They say that “little knowledge can be dangerous” and we cannot agree to it more. It is very true that your little knowledge about the benefits of whey protein is depriving you off of the wonderful health benefits. If you are confused whether whey protein powders are good for you or bad then we solve the riddle right here! It is definitely an added plus to your health regime in making your muscles toned and cutting the fat out of the system.


Let us address the most basic question and that is what exactly is whey protein and how does it get processed. To make it simpler, whey is a byproduct of milk. The milk gives two kinds of protein; casein and whey. In the process of cheese making, the protein that gets separated in the form of the watery substance is called whey which can be further preserved in form of powder.

You can drink whey as it is but it is not as effective as the whey powder. The reason is simply that whey is not a concentrated form and has less per cent of protein than the powder. Also, you will have to drink gallons of whey to overcome the daily requirement which is not quite logical.

There are three types of whey protein powders available:

  1. Whey Protein Concentrate: It is the most commonly used product which normally contains about 30 per cent of whey in every scoop with a very low amount of fats and carbohydrates.
  2. Whey Protein Isolate: For those who are lactose intolerant, this is the product you should buy. Whey Protein Isolate has no fat or lactose in it and the protein content usually goes up to 90 per cent.
  3. Whey Protein Hydrolysate: This is the most refined form as it is predigested. This means that your body does not have to make much effort to digest the protein as it has already gone partial hydrolysis making it easier for the body to absorb the protein.

Any type that you choose is going to help you to get in shape and achieve that lean and toned body. Protein is the only nutrient that helps the muscle weight to grow in perfect volumes. It helps in cutting the fat out of the body by increasing muscle mass.

A great workout with the perfect does of whey solves the problem. Numerous studies have been conducted on overweight people, diabetics, people with cardiac problems, and surprisingly those who were taking whey protein as a part of their diet, their health improved in a few weeks of time.

According to a study published in The British Journal of Nutrition, revealed that Whey can control significant levels of cholesterol and LDL in the blood by lowering it in just 12 weeks of time. About 70 overweight men and women participated in this study and it showed shocking positive results.

Not only had this, a study conducted on 11 asthmatic children published in International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition, revealed that a daily dose of 10 gram protein can help the child for a better immune system and an improved immune response. This is a significant achievement!


Well, they say that every rumour has a story about how it started! Whey protein has potential risks but only if you are consuming a considerable high does more than the recommended limit. What happens when you eat too much sugar? What happens when you eat too much salt? Will eating too much fried food leads to gaining weight? You know where this is going right?

Too much of everything is bad and if you become too involved in taking high doses of whey protein then you are going to put your health at risk. Usually, people who are taking more than the normal limits will complain of nausea, lack of appetite, stomach aches, cramps, headache and tiredness.

If you get these symptoms initially, try reducing the amount of protein powder. It shouldn’t be a problem because whey protein powder is a dietary supplement and is very much food itself.

When it comes to weight loss, one should be strategic and nutrition, diet and healthy eating habits play a great role in accomplishing a set body goal. 90 per cent of the weight loss process is diet and 10 per cent is the exercise. You cannot exercise all day long, but you can control your eating and by that, we mean eating right not starving yourself. Many people think that being on a diet means cutting down on food and starving oneself. If you are doing this to yourself then you are asking for troubles. By starving you are actually deteriorating your health and loss of energy will not help you in carrying out your exercise regime. Also, there will be a potential risk of loose and flabby skin which is a nightmare for all.

Eating a balanced diet, incorporating all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals is a must. When you are exercising hard, there is a natural wear and tear in your body. The new techniques are going to be heavy on you, where sometimes there can be cramps in your body, muscle tear etc. There is nothing to be afraid of as this is completely normal. To recover from exercise, you need good and rich food. Whey protein powder helps activate muscles and also repairs them.

Eating healthy food, fresh vegetables and fruits, chicken and eggs, etc. in a fixed amount and in a right balance is where the key lies. Figure it out or get the help of a well-known experienced nutritionist and you will be fine.

Do not follow the herd! Always try to get your facts right or else you will be ending up ruining your chances of a good fitness and health regime.

Staying fit does not have to be complicated; you make it so by listening to things which may not be true. So always do your research right and consult a doctor to know what your body needs. It should not be that difficult!

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